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‘Holy Water’ Ruins 10-Year-Old Marriage



A couple is currently seeking the dissolution of their 10-year-old marriage before an Ikeja High Court in Lagos. This is on account of a bottle of ‘holy water’ the wife brought into the house without her husband’s approval.

The aggrieved husband, Olaniyi Oluwaseun Oladepo, is asking Justice Christopher Balogun to dissolve his marriage with his wife, Adeyinka, claiming that he was provoked to violence over the strange prayer-water, which the wife brought into her matrimonial home without his knowledge.

Oladepo has since left his matrimonial home, maintaining that his life is under threat and as he was being provoked, he would not want to do something he might later regret.

The petitioner, Oladepo, in his explanation on why he wanted the court to dissolve the marriage, narrated to Justice Balogun that he left his home because he was incited to aggression. He accused his wife of being fetish.

He said: “I feel threatened. I was being provoked to violence, but I left the house. I saw a liquid content in the house.”

Responding to the allegation, Mrs. Oladepo said they got married in October 15, 2011. “We have two children who are five and seven years old.”

She explained that her husband told her in 2015 that they were no longer compatible. “My mother brought holy water she collected at a Catholic Church programme. And I only collected the water; I have not used it for anything. I travelled from work and upon returning home, I discovered that my husband had absconded. He left our matrimonial home.”

The judge adjourned further hearing of the matter.

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Wedding Guest Finds Out Bride Is His Girlfriend (Video)




A video which is circulating on social media, shows a man creating a scene at a wedding ceremony after he found out to his shock that the bride is his own girlfriend.

It was gathered that man was invited to the wedding and he showed up to the venue just like other guests, but to his shock, the lady who was getting married that day was his girlfriend.

Destabilized by the turn of events, he started causing drama but before things could escalate, he was whisked away by security guards at the wedding.

The video was shared online alongside the caption; “He was invited to a wedding and he came to meet his girlfriend as the BRIDE.”

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Benin Republic Legalises Abortion




Parliamentarians in Benin have voted to legalise abortion in the West African country, where it was already authorised under very restricted conditions.

Under the new law, passed late on Wednesday, women can terminate a pregnancy within the first three months if it is likely to “aggravate or cause material, educational, professional or moral distress, incompatible with the woman or the unborn child’s interest”.

Previously, abortion was authorised if pursing the pregnancy “threatened the life of the mother”, was “the result of a rape or incest” or when “the unborn child has a particularly severe affection”.

After a heated debate in the parliament, with some legislators strongly opposed to legalising abortion further, the amendment finally passed.

Several countries in Africa have total bans on abortion, including Congo-Brazzaville, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.

“In Benin, nearly 200 women die each year as the result of abortion complications,” said Minister of Health Benjamin Hounkpatin in a statement on Thursday.

“This measure will be a relief for many women who face undesired pregnancies, and are forced to put their lives in danger with botched abortions,” he added.

The minister said that complications from abortions were the cause of 20 percent of maternal deaths in the country.

“It is because of this public health threat that the government has taken its responsibilities by submitting a text that lawmakers have passed,” said Hounkpatin.

He said the new measure’s “unique goal” was to “save human lives” and that “voluntary termination of pregnancies will remain a last resort”.

The influential Episcopal Conference of Benin said it was “highly preoccupied by the proposed law to legalise abortions”.

“Abortion not only destroys the life of the foetus but also that of the mother, in many aspects,” the religious group said in a statement.

Abortion laws vary wildly around the world, but only a minority of countries have outright bans.

Women from Europe, North America and Oceania benefit from the most liberal legislation, in some cases acquired only recently.

New Zealand, for example, only decriminalised abortion in March 2020. Up to then, it was punishable with a 14-year prison term.

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Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson




I’m trying to encourage our men here to take good care of their health, physically and mentally.

It’s not like women don’t have theirs but those of the men are very much noticeable in the sense that it takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

(1) I entered lagos two weeks ago and I needed to take uber, this uber driver as I can guess will be bw his 50s and 60s.He needed to send money to his wife (3k)but somehow he couldn’t do transfer since he was driving me but I helped him with my bank app while he gave me cash. Do you know after transferring the money his wife was ungrateful and demanded he returns home immediately (that was around 8pm).Now,the man started complaining to me how whether he brings money or not how his wife keeps complaining and he said he’s pitying Nigerian men who are getting married to strange women and giving birth without knowing what they’re going into. He looked stressed out and trying to make ends meet but yet his wife added more burden, not just financially but mentally. So tell me how this kind of stressed man won’t die out so sooner than later. He was lucky somehow that one of his children got a scholarship to study in India.

(2) I attended a friend’s wedding and to my utmost shock both fathers of the celebrants are late. Only their moms are still alive while other relatives represented their fathers. So I was wondering how their moms are still alive while their fathers are late.
Some may say men marry younger women that’s why they die out but from the mothers of those celebrants they’re not up to 60 years, so how much age difference that will make the two men be late?

Im saying this because I have noticed lots of people esp men are passing through a lot of stress, please men don’t allow your wives, siblings or anything infact to overstress you to the point of dying out in time. We men aren’t super beings, try to take things easy.

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