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Honourable Helen Commemorate World Teachers Day



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Successful Motherhood Initiative (SUMOIN), Hon. Inafa Bob, have joined top leaders across the world and Nigeria at large to commemorate world teachers day.

Her message was contain in a press statement obtained by in Abuja.

According to the statement, Hon. Helen said that the essence of teaching is to raise children and young adults to become good, law abiding, responsible and disciplined citizens to grow a better society for all.

She equally added that teachers are behaviourer change agents and are saddled with the responsibility of impacting knowledge and behaviour modification of students.

The statement read in parts:
“Today is World Teachers Day 2021 with the theme:
Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery.

The essence of teaching is to raise children and young adults to become good, law abiding, responsible and disciplined citizens to grow theirselves and a better society for all.

Teachers as Behaviour Change Agents (BCAs) are saddled with the responsibility of impacting knowledge and behaviour modification of students.

Behaviour means the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others. Human behaviours plays an important role in nearly every aspect of life. Human behaviour is the basis of all success and failures.
Understanding the underlying causes of both your own and other’s behaviours can significantly improve your success in life.

Presently, the quality of education in Nigeria has drastically sloped down due to the quality of some of the students who either graduated or dropped out of school at the different levels of our educational system without acquiring requisite societal general values.
Some never went to school hence lack knowledge and good behaviours.

Sadly, since our society is certificate qualification skewed in order to be gainfully employed,
Both those who never went to school, the dropouts and the in school adolescents are given equal opportunity to write the external examinations and are all in various work force or in the labour market.

Those who lack general values exhibited maladaptive behaviours such as stealing, kidnapping of innocent students of secondary and higher institutions, raping and killings, banditry, gambling, ritual killings for money, etc.

Today, students no longer go to school in some part of the country due to the high rate of insecurity.
This tells us, the present poor quality of our educational system.

May I seize this opportunity to thank the Federal Government on its educational policy on the compulsory teaching of Civic Education at the basic and secondary levels of education so that students shall become good citizens of Nigeria.
Those saddled with this responsibility are the tireless teachers to train students as expected.

Obafemi Awolowo: The class warfare and the man who saw tomorrow warned our leaders many years ago when he said “The children of the poor you failed to train (educate) will never let your children live in peace.”

Socrates said: “The wise who refuse to rule should prepare to suffer the rule of idiots.”
Plato said: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Civic Education teaches the students general values to become good citizens, good politicians, their rights, its limits and obligations, rules and regulations, interpersonal and inter- communal relationships, the environment among several topics geared towards good citizenry and a peaceful coexistence.

But the challenge is how many schools do have teachers teaching this important compulsory subject in all public and private schools?

My prayers.
In order to achieve behaviour modification among students:
All schools deserves Civic Education Teachers.
All schools deserves Guidance Counsellors.

The establishment of counseling units in all primary health care centers to enable public access Guidance and Counseling services.
Not all human health challenges are medical, several of them are emotional.

The teaching of Sexuality and Relationship Education is very necessary to conbact the damaging effects the internet is influencing on our children on this area.
(Indeed, teachers at the heart of Education Recovery)

The Public should join voice with SUMOIN, a Citizenship Education non governmental organization to call on government to adhere to my prayers and we are sure in building our children and young adults for a Better Tomorrow.

Always bear in mind that “children are our future leaders, there is need to fully prepare them with requisite life skills, values, potentials and knowledge for good citizenship and leadership (Catch Them Young for a Better Tomorrow).
This can only be achieved through concerted efforts of all behaviour change agents”, She said.

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NYSC Leave Sample Letter For Corps Members





Take note the following;

Do not travel after submitting the leave application letter to NYSC. You are to wait until your request is granted.

Before you submit the leave application letter to the NYSC, ensure you have completed documentation at your PPA.

You are to submit the leave application letter to the NYSC state coordinator in the state of deployment, through your Local Government Inspector (LGI) or Zonal Inspector (ZI) as the case maybe.

Do not spend more than the period granted for you on the leave application letter.

Kindly use this permission format to REQUEST for your two(2) weeks BREAK when you get to your PPA local government area.

(Your PPA address)

The State coordinator,
NYSC (Your State of deployment)

the Zonal Inspector

the Local Government Inspector

(Your PPA head),

Dear Sir,


I, _ with state code No
wish to seek your permission to travel for two weeks, from to
to enable me bring my properties over from home and settle down for work at my Place of Primary Assignment.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
State code
Phone number

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NANS President commends AOIYEO leadership on youths security, welfare




Preident, National Asociation of Nigerian Students, NANS, Comrade Sunday Asefon, has commended Commandant Isaac David, Executive Director and President Abuja Original Inhabitants Youths Empowerment Organisation, AOIYEO, and its leadership on their efforts over youths welfare and security.

Asefon gave the commendation when he paid a courtesy visit to AOIYEO leadership at its headquarters in Abuja today.

In his words, Comrade Asefon expressed solidarity with the enviable work of AOIYEO on students and youth empowerment. He specifically cited the humanitarian efforts of evacuation of FCT students from the recent crisis in Jos the plateau state capital.


In all, he pledged the continue support for AOIYEO and that NANS identifies with it on all fronts, saying the leadership style and vision of the Executive Director was deeply appreciated as it reflects youths centrism .

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Sit-At-Home: Private Schools Turn Saturdays To Working Days In Enugu




Some private schools in Enugu State now hold classes on Saturdays following the ‘collapse’ of academic activities on Mondays as a result of the sit-at-home order issued by the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The group instituted the order to press home their demand for the release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu is facing treason charges for running a proscribed organisation.

Some of the school proprietors interviewed warned against mentioning their names and their schools for security reasons.

One of them, located at Emene, Enugu, said, “It is an internal measure adopted by the school management and the parents to make up for lost grounds. The academic curriculum runs whether we go to school or not. And the pupils and students write the same external exams as their counterparts outside this region.

“Instead of allowing Mondays to waste just like that, we devised a means. Our supposed academic activities on Mondays now hold on Saturdays.”

A principal of a private school, along University Market road at Nsukka, on condition of anonymity, said, “We won’t allow the education of our children to die just like that. As such, we deliberated on the way forward, and converted our Mondays to Saturdays. That is the only way we fill the vacuum of the sit-at-home. We wouldn’t like to risk any child’s life.”

A parent, Cajethan Odo, said, “It is to the advantage of pupils and parents. We pay the school fees accordingly. So, we commend the school authorities for the innovations. I am personally happy.”

A pupil in one of the schools said she was happy. In her words, “On Saturdays, we come to school. We learn what we usually learn on Mondays. I am happy because all my friends come to school.”

THE WHISTLER reports that despite the cancellation of the sit-at-home order by the IPOB, general activities on Mondays in the southeast region of the country have remained paralysed as unknown gunmen use Mondays to perpetrate their activities.

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